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About Us – Lovegold

About Us

Launched in 2013, LoveGold has ignited the world’s desire for Gold jewellery with the new generation. It has achieved to combine powerful elements like style, designers and jewellery on social media platform to create aspirational content for the youth.  The brand has created compelling identity in key geographies.

For many years young adults, gold evokes at best memories of grandmother’s jewellery box. In 2013 an international Council casted gold in a new light for a new generation by launching LoveGold with a digital campaign that put gold in the centre of online chatter about fashion, luxury and jewellery.

The brand created it presence at various A- List events like Cannes, Amfar.  The brand focussed on collaborations with bloggers and editors across the globe. Right from Jamie Beck, Kelly Framel to Carol Woolton (Jewellery Editor, Vogue UK), Marion Fasel (Jewellery Editor, In Style).  It targeted 650K social media followers, connected with 200+ global designers and collaborated with elite events like Oscars and Cannes. Victory of LoveGold was when it honoured Lupita Nyong’o – winner of the Academy Award for best supporting actress at the Toronto Film Festival, 2013 wore LoveGold.

LoveGold and Fake ID shopping

Our store sells jewelry and sometimes we ask users to provide documents for purchase (according to the requirements of payment systems). Please do not use fake credentials as from site as this is against our standards.